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Our Journey Since 2021

The Pakistan Western Canada Trade Association came into existence in 2021 under the esteemed patronage of the Consul General of Pakistan in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our mission, as outlined in our constitution, is to actively promote and facilitate economic activities, encompassing trade, investment, and tourism, between Pakistan and all the Canadian Provinces, Territories of British Columbia, Alberta, Onatrio, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut.


What We Serve


At PWCTA, our goal is to establish connections between investors and opportunities. Our platform encourages dialogue and collaboration between businesses in Pakistan and Canada, creating an environment that supports the flourishing of investments. Whether you are in search of investment opportunities or aiming to invest, PWCTA is dedicated to bridging the gap.


Discover the vibrant cultural diversity and breathtaking landscapes of both Pakistan and Western Canada. PWCTA actively promotes tourism by offering valuable information, coordinating events, and fostering partnerships that enrich the travel experience for visitors from both regions.


We serve as the conduit for smooth trade between Pakistan and Western Canada. Our emphasis is on eliminating barriers, streamlining processes, and establishing an ecosystem that promotes bilateral trade. Whether you need market insights or regulatory assistance, PWCTA is your ally in navigating the realm of commerce.


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Trade Expo 2023

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Becoming a member of PWCTA is your gateway to a vibrant network of opportunities. Whether you're an entrepreneur, investor, or professional, our diverse membership is crafted to meet your specific needs. We cordially invite you to be a part of our dynamic community through our tiered membership program, specifically tailored to cater to companies at different levels of growth.Your participation will not only contribute to the success of your business but will also play a crucial role in strengthening the economic ties between Pakistan and Western Canada.

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Stay informed with our blogs, where we share insights, news, and success stories related to trade, investments, and tourism between Pakistan and Western Canada. Explore the latest trends and stay connected with the PWCTA community.

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