Pakistan’s maiden Minerals Summit unveils country’s $6 trillion potential

Islamabad: Foreign investors and industry experts convened in Islamabad at the ‘Pakistan Minerals Summit’ aimed at exploring investment opportunities into Pakistan’s $6 trillion estimated worth of mineral deposits. The minerals summit titled “Dust to Development: Investment Opportunities in Pakistan” was a joint effort by Pakistan’s Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) and Canada-based Barrick Gold Corporation, […]

Pakistan’s Textile Sector: A Neglected Giant in the State of Dormancy

Pakistan's textile industry

Textiles: A Dormant Giant: The original article by Amir Jahangir was published on website Pakistan, known as the 5th largest cotton producer worldwide and housing the largest manufacturing industry in the nation – the textile industry, seems to be entrapped in a paradox of both potential and neglect. While the sector contributes a staggering 57% to the […]

Unlocking Pakistan’s Agricultural Potential: A Pillar of Prosperity

Unlocking Pakistan's Agricultural Potential: A Pillar of Prosperity

When we think of Pakistan, a country known for its rich history and diverse culture, one of the first images that comes to mind is the vast expanse of fertile lands stretching as far as the eye can see. Cultivated for generations, these fields are not just picturesque landscapes; they are the lifeblood of Pakistan’s […]

SME Strategy

SME empowerment

The Pakistan Western Canada Trade Association (PWCTA) is thrilled to unveil its strategic alliance with the SME Finance Forum (SMEFF), an impactful initiative led by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) with a dedicated focus on global SME finance and growth. This dynamic partnership is poised to foster collaboration, facilitate resource-sharing, and mutually endorse each other’s […]

Women Empowerment – PWCTA & SSF Partnership

women empowerment

The Pakistan Western Canada Trade Association (PWCTA) is excited to announce its partnership with the Salman Sufi Foundation (SSF), which has partnered to empower women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. The collaboration aims to provide resources, opportunities, and a platform for women’s growth. This partnership will focus on co-branding, engaging events, access to a North American business […]

Pakistani Fashion in Canada – PWCTA & Riwayat

Fashion expo 2024

PWCTA (Pakistan Western Canada Trade Association) has established a partnership with Riwayat London for a series of high-profile fashion shows in Canada, set to take place in Toronto and Vancouver in 2024. The highlight of this collaboration is a grand fashion show in May 2024, followed by a trunk show. The exact dates and venues […]