Frequently asked questions

PWCTA fosters international business relationships between Canada and Pakistan and ensures compliance with regulations in both jurisdictions.

1.Business Facilitation

-Facilitate discussions and interactions between businesses in Pakistan and Canada.

-Provide a platform for networking and collaboration.

2.Information Exchange

-Act as a hub for exchanging relevant information between businesses, industries, and stakeholders in both countries.

3.Liaison with Governing Bodies

- Establish strong relationships with regulatory bodies, government agencies, and relevant authorities in Pakistan and Canada.

- Keep businesses informed about regulatory changes and compliance requirements in both countries.


-Advocate for policies that promote and facilitate bilateral trade and investment.

5.Events and Conferences

-Organize conferences, seminars, and events to bring together businesses, government officials, and other stakeholders for discussions and knowledge-sharing.

6.Trade Missions

-Organize and support trade missions to promote business and investment opportunities between Pakistan and Canada.

To become a member, follow these steps:

1.Application Submission

-Fill out the membership application form.

2.Document Submission

-Provide any required documents as part of the application process.

3.Board Approval

-Your application will be reviewed and approved by the board.

4.Membership Fee Payment

-Once approved, proceed to pay the annual membership fee.

No, you cannot vote if you enroll as a non-voting member.

To become a vendor or sponsor, complete our application form at or contact us via email at [email protected].