What is Pakistan Expo Vancouver?

The Pakistan Expo Vancouver is an annual event orchestrated and presented by the Pakistan Western Canada Trade Association. This Expo is strategically designed to bridge trade disparities and foster mutually beneficial business connections between suppliers and buyers from Pakistan and Canada/North America. Given Vancouver's status as the western entry point to Northern American trade routes and one of the world's largest deep-water ports, it serves as an ideal venue for this event. By facilitating business interactions between Canada, the USA, and 170 other nations, Vancouver, with its scenic landscapes, pristine waters, and lush parks, provides a comprehensive platform for visitors to not only expand their business but also appreciate the natural wonders that surround us. The expo revolves around Pakistan's key export potentials, aiming to engage with crucial stakeholders in Northern America and showcase the strengths of Pakistan.


What We Serve

Market Access

Providing a direct avenue for businesses in Pakistan to access the Canadian market, facilitating the introduction of products and services to a new audience. Also, diversifying trade relations encourages collaboration, and acts as a catalyst for increased bilateral trade.

Networking and Partnerships

Fostering networking and partnerships, promoting collaborations, joint ventures, and distribution agreements. It also acts as a platform for exploring investment opportunities, encouraging increased bilateral investment in potential projects.

Cultural Exchange

Trade expos encourage cultural exchange between Pakistan and Canada, providing insights into business practices, customs, and market preferences for smoother transactions. Businesses showcasing products gain exposure, fostering awareness and potential partnerships or sales.

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