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Women Empowerment – PWCTA & SSF Partnership

The Pakistan Western Canada Trade Association (PWCTA) is excited to announce its partnership with the Salman Sufi Foundation (SSF), which has partnered to empower women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. The collaboration aims to provide resources, opportunities, and a platform for women’s growth. This partnership will focus on co-branding, engaging events, access to a North American business network, and a commitment to shaping the future of women’s empowerment. It also includes support in business collaborations, grants, and outreach sponsorships, visible co-branding across social media, participation in trade expos, fundraising opportunities, and remote training for women entrepreneurs.

An annual partnership review ensures continuous improvement and positive outcomes. The initiative emphasizes empowerment, collaboration, and progress for women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. About SSF: The Salman Sufi Foundation is an independent social welfare organization committed to women’s empowerment, equal access, and social justice in Pakistan. Serving as a bridge between corporations, donor agencies, and the community, they strive for innovative solutions to drive progress for the masses. The foundation actively engages in advocacy but specializes in project implementation, emphasizing action to alter the lived reality of the ordinary citizen. Their approach involves developing solid ties with corporations to boost the economy and implement impactful CSR projects.

For more information, visit: SSF (